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Pokémon Go update bringing ‘mon from the Sinnoh region is live

If you’ve been shedding the Pokémon Go for some time as a result of an absence of latest monsters, put together to be glued to your telephone once more. Niantic is now adding pokémon from the rugged Sinnoh region that first appeared in 2007’s Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum video games.

Of course, it’s not as simple as a dump of 100 new ‘mon into your space. The new guys are arriving in waves, doubtless which means the most typical kinds will begin showing right this moment, whereas cooler ones and units of themed critters will arrive over the approaching weeks.

These are a part of the Generation 4 set, however it’s not clear but which can be showing first or certainly in any respect. It’s completely as much as Niantic and you’ll make certain they’re going to mete these little guys out over a number of months, interspersed with different occasions — something to maintain you catching.

Everyone will most likely have a Chimchar on their shoulder quickly, as a result of that sucker is cute, however in the end everybody goes to desire a Dialga. I get the sensation they’re going to be an everyday function at gyms quickly. I for one can be working to evolve a Glaceon.

There are additionally some new evolutions, so don’t trash your mid-tier pokémon simply but. Magmortar, Electivire, Tangrowth, and Rhyperior imply you’ll have a use for all that further sweet.

Update your app and begin draining that battery, Trainer! And don’t neglect that we’ve bought Niantic’s Ross Finman at our AR/VR Session in LA this Thursday. Drop by when you’re within the space.

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