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Original Stitch’s new Bodygram will measure your body

After years of teasing, Original Stitch has formally launched their Bodygram service and might be rolling it out this summer season. The system can scan your physique based mostly on entrance and aspect photographs and can create customized shirts along with your exact measurements.

“Bodygram gives you full body measurements as accurate as taken by professional tailors from just two photos on your phone. Simply take a front photo and a side photo and upload to our cloud and you will receive a push notification within minutes when your Bodygram sizing report is ready,” stated CEO Jin Koh. “In the sizing report you will find your full body measurements including neck, sleeve, shoulder, chest, waist, hip, etc. Bodygram is capable of producing sizing result within 99 percent accuracy compared to professional human tailors.”

The expertise is a intelligent answer to the largest downside in customized clothes: match. While it’s nice to discover a service that can tailor your clothes based mostly in your measurements, typically these measurements are barely off and might have an effect on the lower of the shirt or pants. Right now, Koh stated, his workforce gives free returns if the customized shirts don’t match.

Further, the expertise is model new and avoids lots of the pitfalls of the unique body-scanning tech. For instance, Bodygram doesn’t require you to get right into a Spandex onesie like most programs do and it could seize 40 measurements with solely two full-body photographs.

“Bodygram is the first sizing technology that works on your phone capable of giving you highly accurate sizing result from just two photos with you wearing normal clothing on any background,” stated Koh. “Legacy technologies on the market today require you to wear a very tight-fitting spandex suit, take 360 photos of you and require a plain background to work. Other technologies give you accuracy with five inches deviation in accuracy while Bodygram is the first technology to give you sub-one-inch accuracy. We are the first to use both computer vision and machine learning techniques to solve the problem of predicting your body shape underneath the clothes. Once we predicted your body shape we wrote our proprietary algorithm to calculate the circumferences and the length for each part of the body.”

Koh hopes the expertise will cut back returns.

“It’s not uncommon to see clothing return rates reaching in the 40-50 percent range,” he stated. “Apparel clothing sales is among the lowest penetration in online shopping.”

The system additionally can be utilized to measure your physique over time with a purpose to acquire well being and weight information in addition to assist different producers produce merchandise that suit you completely. The app will launch this summer season on Android and iOS. The firm might be licensing the expertise to different suppliers that can be capable to create customized suits based mostly on just some aspect and entrance photographs. Sales on the firm grew 175 % this 12 months and so they now have 350,000 consumers which might be already creating customized shirts.

Numerous rivals are on this fascinating house, most notably ShapeScale, an organization that appeared at TechCrunch Disrupt and promised a full physique scan utilizing a robotic scale. This, nevertheless, is the primary industrial use of normal photographs to measure your appendages and thorax and it’s a formidable step ahead on the earth of customized clothes.

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